With a change of location comes a change of website

I have recently relocated to Solwezi, Zambia. You can look forward to some more Zambia related posts on this site as well as anywhere I happen to travel.

I'm going to spend the next week or so editing and updating this site, so sit back, relax and see what happens !

The first few days I have already spotted a few cool critters in my front and backyards. Hopefully, I can gather some cool images to share here.

2017-07-11 04.53.41 1.jpg

Groovy Little Lizard

It seems to enjoy sunning itself in my front yard. This photo was just a quick snap with my phone's camera.


 I think I spotted a collared sunbird (Hedydipna collaris) yesterday, but by the time I got back to the area with my camera it was gone. Here's hoping it shows up again, because it was beautiful.